Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can you file an appraisal of car accident in Taoyuan?

You can approach the Committee of Appraisal of Vehicle Driving Accidents at 5F, No.416, Jieshou Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.). Telephone: (03)366-4222

Q2: Who is eligible to request an appraisal to the Traffic Accident Appraisal Committee?


* Those who suffers A3 category and without any legal responsibilities during appraisal procedure. (A3 category: Wealth and vehicle affected but no injuries or deaths involved)

* Litigant application ---------------- up to six months from the date of accident.

* Military police transfer ---------- up to six months from the date of accident.

* Case already entered the precedure of judicature (e.g. death case), instruction from judicial authority.

Q3: What to do in the event of domestic violence?


* Shall domestic violence occurs, contact 110 for help and request police officer to come to the crime scene.

* After domestic violence occurred, go to the police station and report the case, the police officer will fill out a "domestic abuse investigation form" and notify the Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse prevention Center.

* The police officer will assist to notify Department of Social Welfare to find accommodations if necessary.

Q4: Procedures to deal with telephone fraud/scam?


* While police officer handling any case there, a notification will be sent out directly to the litigant institution for legal record purpose, the police officer will not request the general public to go to ATM, therefore, if anonymous call is received and the caller self-identified as a police officer, please contact the local police station for verification.

* In order to prevent fraud under no circumstance should the general public use credit card for balance transfer. ATM operation allows users to withdraw balance but not for remittance, and tax refund. Bill payment will not be notified by telephone or text message, if a notification is received please contact 104 and inquire the relevant authority (e.g. police authorities or financial institutions) for verification purpose.

* If anonymous call is received, please verify with the telephone directory service, if fraud is confirmed, please contact the police immediately.

* Disregard any telephone harassment, or inform caller that "no such person exist" thereby achieving the reduction of the expectation of the suspect. In order for police officers to carry out the investigation both efficiently and effectively, recording device should be used to record the conversation about the harassment.

* Scam organization often uses "Data Collection Company" or other channels to retrieve personal information through internet, field research, and occupation recruitment purpose. Therefore, to prevent being the potential target, great consideration should be taken into accounts prior disclose personal information.