The development of TYPD

*Oct. 1950
Taoyuan Police Bureau was established, consisting of 6 divisions, 4 offices, 2 sections, 1 corp, 3 branches (Taoyuan, Zhongli and Daxi)
*July. 1955
A ceremony was held for completing the building of Taoyuan Police Station.
*July. 1958
Yangmei Branch was established with the jurisdiction over Yangmei Town, Hsinwu Hsiang,and Lungtan Hsiang.
Tayuan Branch was established with the jurisdiction over Tayuan Hsiang, Kuanyin Hsiang and Luju Hsiang.
*July. 1978
Due to limited space and inadequate equipment of the old building headquartered at the site of old Far East Department Store on Chungcheng Road, a contract for erecting new a building for Taoyuan Police headquarters at another site was approved.
*April 1980
Upon completion, the new building for Taoyuan Police Headquarters looked outstanding for its grandeur.
*June 1994
Pingzhen Branch was established with the jurisdiction over Pingchen City and Lungtan Hsiang.
*May 1996
Guishan Branch was established.
*Jan. 1998
Fire Police Corps was reorganized as Fire Dept under Taoyuan County Government.
*Aug. 1998
Bate Branch was established.
*Jan. 2006
Longtan Branch was established.
*Mar. 2008
Luzhu Branch was established.
*July 2009
Chingpu Police Station was established in Zhongli City.
*Dec. 2011
Since Taoyuan County Government upgraded to be the quasi-municipal status and the organization of police also upgraded to the status of the metropolitan police department.
*Dec. 2014
Taoyuan Police Department was established.